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Folks may sell their tickets for the price they paid only and not to be used by more than one person! One registration per person.
Only to folks over 18 year of age and please contact The Bling Bling Jam for approval. It's going to be the best Jam ever! 
To Mail in check/write out to
Steve Klein 9 Conestoga Rd Lexington, Ma. 02421

Folks, who are not local must stay at the Golden Nugget during the Convention, this keeps the cost down for registration. Otherwise attendees subject to an additional fee Of $100.00

Jan is excited to have the opportunity to bring a breath of "fresh air” to the Bling Bling Jam with her special no-helium balloon arrangements designed especially for Bling Bling Jam attendees! She respects and admires the art of the twist, but her years of experience as an instructor have primarily focused on decor designs and beautiful, air-filled techniques to increase profits. Now, at Bling Bling Jam 2017, she will premiere air-filled decor components designed for twisters to showcase their sculptures at large events and hustle the kiddies through long lines, plus arrangements to sell as interactive drop-offs and clever add-ons at twisting gigs. They’re brilliant and unique and created by Jan specifically for busy twisters! 

Ed Chee USA Sponsored by Qualatex Balloons Confirmed for 2018

 Got Questions? Call me


Blanca Mendoza CBA California USA

Blanca started decorating for friends and family in her early 20s' just for fun that turned into a hobby. It never came across her mind that this could become a business.  Than she had her second baby and wanted to work from home and have a flexible schedule. Having a strong background in party planning/decorating , she decided to expand by enrolling at the community college.  She took courses in party planning, floral arrangements, and decorating. IN 2006 she was curious to learn how to make an arch for her own baby shower. This is where- her "Whole New World" Began! She took classes all over and was never worried about the costs and turned her hobby into one of the most successful balloon decoration businesses in LA called "LA BALLOON EVENTS". She also became an instructor for Conwin's "Balloon Artist Academy" She is also a founder of the QBN Mundo Latino Chapter in LA. Today she shares her knowledge by teaching others the techniques of the art of balloon decorating and successful business tips. She continues to grow and is very excited to teach for the first time at the Bling Bling Jam 2017 and share with all of you! 

Jan Ilams Betallic Balloons

Jackie Hunter Desk/Second in Command Manchester, NH

Marvin Hardy Utah, USA Sponsored by Qualatex

Group Discount and Code: GLBLIN2 for 2018


1- The Fremont Experience -Directly outside The Golden Nugget Hotel and  Casino. Home of the Viva Vision (The Largest LED Screen in the World! Light show outside every hour on the hour-starting at 8 Pm- 1 AM. Bands/shows Street performers all happening at different times!

3 Drinking outside is allowed outside, but new law in Vegas. It must be in a paper cup. So, if you purchase drinks make sure you have a cup from the Casino. Or, ask someone the rules. 

4 Get a Players card at each casino. When you do, they give you extras! Like at the Fremont, I believe an extra $1 each time you eat at the buffet. Again, please ask on check in. If you gamble, they give you some great perks.

​4 Souvenirs -The best shops are in Old Down Town. Many of the same Items available on the Strip, but way less. A great place to shop!

​5 The World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. Home of the Reality show "Pawn Stars" Make sure you check it out!

6 Golden Gate Hotel and Casino. The very first Casino in Las Vegas -opened in 1905. They are famous for Shrimp Cocktail. 

7 Container Park the new Hip place 

8 Busking is allowed on Fremont St. Make sure you hear the rules During Patricks Class. You must now have a permit! Make sure u know the rules!

These are just a few cool things to know in Old Down Town Vegas 

List of some fun things to do and Know about on Fremont St


A former MMA fighter and theater major, Brian Potvin has taken his creativity and determination to new levels with the help of balloons. As the Ballusionist, Brian now performs on TV, at posh parties, art events and corporate celebrations creating unbelievable works of balloon sculpture.

In 2003, divided by his passions, Brian began working as a clown at parties to help pay the bills. He immediately saw the opportunity that was ignored by his competitors. As a clown, he had the chance to reinvent himself constantly, to create, to work with people and to expand his knowledge of the arts; all while having a blast. In a few years, he found that he could create anything he wanted with balloons. He also found his voice in creating the balloons — making jokes, amping up the party and creating a whirlwind of wonder.

The makeup came off and he started spending hours twisting latex to make the things he loved, like movie and comic characters, as well as anything he could imagine. Since then, he’s had the chance to share his balloon creations on TV shows around the world with hundreds of celebrities including Gwen Stefani, Dean Kane, Sascha Baron Cohen and David Arquett.

We are so excited for Bling Bling Jam 4! We are excited about our 2018 theme!  Large Jam room!~ Even though we are called a Jam we had and will have tons of classes! 

 ​Instructors/Classes- Subject to change! Twisting classes, Balloon Decoration Classes, Magic and maybe some Face Painting and more! Stay Tuned for updates!

Roger Godin Desk/Music Staff member Las Vegas, Nevada

Nao Osaka Japan Confirmed 2017

Payment plans for Super Early bird with $100 down. No transfers and no refunds! Must be paid in full by June 1, 2018 or subject to loss of down payments!

Please email with Shirt Size and full name and phone number.

Anyone transferring their registration, must email me in an email the name the persons.

Debbie Stevens Canada Confirmed 2018

Steve Klein Producer Boston, Ma.

 Early Bird Registration 2018 $325.00 check mailed in $335.00 Paypal No T shirt

Nao, is a magician, who learned some basic balloon twisting in 2008 on some free sites for his magic show. He has learned from many people on Facebok and love to share his work and idea's. Nao, says balloons are symbolic memories of child hood dreams, that we all forgot! So balloon artists, make dreams come true with their art! Our Little dreams, of creativity, become big dreams of reality, as we create! Nao says "If you think you can not make a new creation, take your time until you stop and make it a reality! He loves his balloon family and is super excited to see his everyone at the Bling Bling Jam 2017 in Las Vegas!

Shuttles to and from Airport to the The Golden Nugget are around $9.50 each way or some are $17.50 Round Trip. Here is a list of a few to call

Bell Trans 702-739-7990

Coach USA 702-644-2233

Show Time 702-895-9976

Originally from Cleveland Ohio, Patrick started face painting and balloon twisting at age 16. Acted at Garfield little theater in Cleveland. A member of freemasonry and Scottish Rite. A first tenor. Side show performances and a fire-eater and fire breather. By the time he was 25 he was a full time clown. After 16 tears moved to Las Vegas to pursue an acting job that land him work at Harrah's and Caesars . But still street performing, doing parties and restaurant work as a balloon twister. Working part time at Sin City comedy club. Married to Linda since 1997

 Early Bird with T shirt size Small Up to X-large only $355.00 check mailed in 0n Paypal $365.00

 Early Bird with 2x and above T shirt. Mail in $360.00 and Paypal $370.00

Debbie Stevens Canada Confirmed 2018

Hotel rooms Sunday-Friday July 23-27, 2018 Rates are as follows Tax Coming soon!

Resort fee:

Gives folks access to the fitness center for 2 people daily

Does not include wet areas (A value of $20 per person, per day Plus access to the Pool

In room internet for up to 2 devices per day (Value of $14.99)

Printing your boarding pass at the Front desk or Box Office Only

Free Parking

2 Free Bottled waters per day

Complimentary RJ Newspapaers in the Tower lobbies from 6 Am- 10 Am

Gergo Csatai Hungary (First time Teaching in USA

Sponsored by GMAR Balloons!

         He simply blew down the walls that for years had defined the limits of the possible for balloon artists. Within a very short time the extraordinary detail and refinement of his one-balloon creations astonished even veteran balloon sculptors.  Not content to limit himself to simple one-balloon figures as balloon sculptors and entertainers did at that time, his repertoire of balloon figures rapidly expanded to include aircraft, animals, birds, cars, cycles, celebrity caricatures, reptiles, sports equipment, and many other phenomenally detailed innovations.  He developed a balloon weaving process in 1984 which made possible a wide variety of life-sized multiple balloon sculptures that amazed and entertained audiences wherever he performed.


         His Balloon Art exhibits could only be described as incredible, and regularly attracted audiences numbering in the thousands. He began working with Pioneer Balloon Company in January, 1986, teaching and demonstrating Balloon Art throughout the world.  At the International Balloon Arts Convention in Orlando, Florida in August, 1994, Marvin was awarded the Crystal Award for his outstanding contributions to the Worldwide balloon industry. The Crystal is the highest honor the balloon industry at that time could bestow. It would be comparable to earning the Oscar as the Best Actor in a Feature Film in the Movie Industry.  In the year 2000 He was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for his 20 year dedication to the Balloon Industry.  In 2012 he was awarded a second Lifetime Achievement Award for his 25 years of service to Pioneer Balloon Company and Qualatex balloons.


         In addition to his personal accomplishments with balloon figures, Marvin and his wife, Penny, operated a successful full service balloon business for over thirty years. They travelled extensively and have decorated and performed throughout North and South America as well as in such exotic places as Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Israel, and Lebanon, and in several countries in Europe and the Far East. They developed many of the balloon decorating techniques that are in use within the balloon industry throughout the World.

Patrick Morris Las Vegas, Nevada

Brian Potvin California, USA

Donate on paypal to the Scholarship fund for 2018 at Once we have enough in the fund for 2018 , we will make an announcement!