Eileen Smith Mesa Arizona Confirmed for 2023 

Top Dog Winner at Bling Bling Jam 2022-Sponsored by the Bling Bling Jam 

Don Deich Vlad the Magician North Carolina Confirmed 2023 Debut sponsored by Bling Bling Jam

Mickey Silver "Hands of Las Vegas"

​​Josh Clark  Texas  (Balloon Josh)

Confirmed 2023 


A former MMA fighter and theater major, Brian Potvin has taken his creativity and determination to new levels with the help of balloons. As the Ballusionist, Brian now performs on TV, at posh parties, art events and corporate celebrations creating unbelievable works of balloon sculpture.

In 2003, divided by his passions, Brian began working as a clown at parties to help pay the bills. He immediately saw the opportunity that was ignored by his competitors. As a clown, he had the chance to reinvent himself constantly, to create, to work with people and to expand his knowledge of the arts; all while having a blast. In a few years, he found that he could create anything he wanted with balloons. He also found his voice in creating the balloons — making jokes, amping up the party and creating a whirlwind of wonder.

The makeup came off and he started spending hours twisting latex to make the things he loved, like movie and comic characters, as well as anything he could imagine. Since then, he’s had the chance to share his balloon creations on TV shows around the world with hundreds of celebrities including Gwen Stefani, Dean Kane, Sascha Baron Cohen and David Arquett.

​Bling Bling Jam las Vegas in Person and Virtual hibrid! Zoom in for classes in July and attend in person for jam classes and More! 

Mark Zettler Confirmed for 2022 March  virtual Bling Sponsored By BALLOONstitute and BALLOON & Parties Magazine

  Registration Early Bird of $350.00  (FIRM) NO ACCEPTIONS! ends on June 30, 2023  in person Jam July 16-20, 2023 Bling Jam fully paid no refunds or transfers  Pay Pal Fees Apply -($363.16) ​As Always bring your own balloons!  Click on Add to Cart for payment. We also accept Cash App and Zelle. Email for that is mrballoonwizard@gmail.com

In the event-if we are shut down in the summer of 2023/mandates that keep many from coming in person the event will then be virtual and for the same dates and times!  We can't control Covid!

 ​Instructors/Classes- Subject to change! Twisting classes, Balloon Decoration Classes, 

Darren Mortiboy started twisting back in 2014. He loves creating and sharing his balloons with the world!  Darren is from Northern Ireland  and will be making his very 1st appearance at the online Bling Bling jam  this March 2022! (Virtually) He is very excited to share some of his new designs and meet The Bling Bling Jam Family online and  soon in person!

Shuttle to and from Airport to Binion's are around $15.00 each way 

Bell Trans 702-739-7990

Brian Potvin USA-Sponsored by Bling Bling Jam Confirmed in person for 2023

Nao Osaka Japan Sponsored by Bling Bling Jam 2023 

Ken Stillman has pioneered the balloon industry since the early 90s A few of his personal accomplishments include His life size Princesses, Awesome Bouquets, Super Heroes, Balloon Beads, and His famous Hitch Hiker Hat.

​Olha Matiash is an balloons artist with more than 12 years of experience working with balloons. The author of the method "Art balloons Technique Matiash" of transferring any complexity of drawing to a balloon. Instructor and participant of international balloon festivals in Ukraine. Participant First Ever Online Table Arrangement Contact on Q Corner 2019. Now lives in Austin (Leander) with his son and his old mother, since the war in Ukraine.

Patrick Morris Las Vegas, Nevada

Confirmed for 2023 in Person

List of some fun things to do and Know about on Fremont St

Cecilia Villar Balloon Lady Wyoming USA (Originally Peru) Teaching on virtual and in person this July in Las Vegas 2023-Sponsored by Bling Bling Jam 

Hotel rooms Sunday-Friday July 17-21 2023 Around $39.00- $59.00  Sunday-Thursday during the convention plus 13% tax and NO RESORT FEES!!! Folks must book in room block, or subject to a fee. 

Resort fee: None!

Super early Bird  of $350.00 with PAyPal Fee is ($363.16) Ends June 30, 2023  (FIRM) NO acceptions. Or Pay on Zelle ends on 

then goes up to $375.00 at the door -early bird plus Paypal fees. 

Bill Quain Author, speaker-former Magician Atlantic City, NJ USA- Bling Bling Jam Virtual November 2022-Sponsored by The Bling Bling Jam

Originally from Cleveland Ohio, Patrick started face painting and balloon twisting at age 16. Acted at Garfield little theater in Cleveland. A member of freemasonry and Scottish Rite. A first tenor. Side show performances and a fire-eater and fire breather. By the time he was 25 he was a full time clown. After 16 tears moved to Las Vegas to pursue an acting job that land him work at Harrah's and Caesars . But still street performing, doing parties and restaurant work as a balloon twister. Working part time at Sin City comedy club. 

​Debbie Stevens 

has been teaching at balloon conventions for over 19 years, sharing her knowledge and experience with balloon dresses and accessories to insanely large balloon designs.  Debbie,  has won numerous industry awards including:  Top Fashion Designer, Top Twister, Ralph Dewey Award and the David Grist Memorial Award.

Maria Mormile Abaa Gold Coast Queensland, Australia Sponsored by Bling Bling Jam  Confirmed 2023

Steve Klein Producer Boston, Ma.

Chilean self-taught twister with 22 years of experience in the world of balloons, he started as a street artist, then in the hotel industry he worked as an entertainer and clown, he has been invited to teach in Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Nicaragua and Colombia, country invited by the company Sempertex. I think my main joy is working to entertain children, it is a challenge to meet their expectations, but they are the most impressed and of course grateful when I model figures for them.

 Got Questions? 


Mysterious, hauntingly original, and completely innovative- these words best describe the Gothic Magic of Vlad. While some magicians create a show, Vlad created a genre of magic. This charmingly dark and slightly twisted style known as Gothic Magic stems from the heart of the classic horror genre. Combining this style with amazing stories, Vlad creates a performance that’s like “watching Stephen King live”. Take a step inside and give into your fears. Vlad has been entertaining audiences for over 30 yrs.

​Blanca Mendozza LA , California Sponsored by Bling Bling Jam 

Jam room class/Jam build confirmed 2023 

Nao, is a magician, who learned some basic balloon twisting in 2008 on some free sites for his magic show. He has learned from many people on Facebok and love to share his work and idea's. Nao, says balloons are symbolic memories of child hood dreams, that we all forgot! So balloon artists, make dreams come true with their art! Our Little dreams, of creativity, become big dreams of reality, as we create! Nao says "If you think you can not make a new creation, take your time until you stop and make it a reality! He loves his balloon family and is super excited to see his everyone at the Bling Bling Jam 2019 in Las Vegas!

Debbie Stevens Canada Confirmed for 2023 Sponsored by Bling Bling Jam in Las Vegas

Caludio Bustamante Chille July 2022 Virtual 

​​​Folks, who are not local must stay at the Binions/4 Queens during the Convention and must use book through the room block only!-This keeps the cost down for registration. Otherwise attendees subject to an additional fee Of $100

 No transfers and no refunds! Must be paid in full by June 1, 2023 or subject to loss of down payments!

Please email yourpartyschool@gmail.com  and full name and phone number.

Anyone transferring their registration, must email me in an email the name the persons

Maria Mormile, Bubble Artist, Balloon Twister & Face/Body Painter. GBR World record 2021. The World's largest bubble net. Bubbles are my latest obsession & a hugely successful addition to my entertainment business.

2023 theme "Christmas in July"

in Person July 16 Pre/Set up day-July 20, 2023 

Please bring your own balloons as there is a shortage of them! 

Christopher Chein  Costa Rica Bling Bling Jam July 2022 Virtual

Jackie Hunter Manchester, NH /Trinidad Steve's assistant.

Donate on paypal to the Scholarship fund for 2023 at yourpartyschool@gmail.com. Once we have enough in the fund for 2023

​We will annouce it!

John started twisting in 1984 and went full time in 1993. He has busked around the world, taught and still creates with passion and love. He is a real jam room jammer who is old school with always a new twist and more! He is looked at as an icon in the balloon industry. He is so looking forward to share at this first Bling Bling Jam in Las Vegas! 

Christopher started in 2011 doing balloon twisting at children's parties as a clown, then with recognized companies and brands
He has had man tv appearances teaching balloon art and at national and international conventions. He is super excited to be teaching virtually for the first time at The Bling Bling Jam July 2022.

Lavinia Solano Long Island, New York Sponsored by Betallic/Semptertex US Confirmed 2023

Cecilia,  is a professional balloon twister, who is now entertaining and helping to bring many smiles to all in the beautiful South-Eastern region of Wyoming, now hailing from Cheyenne. Originally from Peru, She Brings her culture and tradition of celebrating all kinds of events with balloons by adding the dynamic surprise of any figure, animal, character or whatever it is that you can imagine. Having always loved balloons and played around with them from an early age, She began working towards mastery in 2010. In 2018, She started her YouTube channel and keeps creating new things that she has never made before! When she is not twisting balloons for her local community in person, she is twisting balloons for her YouTube subscribers! Balloons are her life, and she has interacted with them all my life! She is excited to teach at her first in person Bling Bling Jam as she keeps pushing herself to achieve more! 

Dr Twistin will bring his 40 years of experience to us here at Bling Bling Jam THIS year!
You will learn what is really important in your balloon entertaining  enough to touch the lives of the people in front of you. See Dr Twistin in the jam room too!

Ken Stillman USA -Sponsored by Bling Bling Jam Confirmed for 2023 in person Las Vegas 

​​In 1980, Mark Zettler founded Life O' The Party to provide novelty entertainment, singing telegrams and balloon deliveries.  The business was started with just a gorilla suit and a telephone. Today, Mark along with his wife Andrea, run one of the oldest and largest companies of its kind in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.  Life O' The Party (www.lotparty.com), along with their other company, Balloonacy (www.balloonacyonline.com) offering balloon decor and deliveries, novelty telegrams, DJ's, along with wholesale balloon supplies online at www.260balloons.com, and hundreds of party entertainers.

Mark and Andrea have been dedicated to events for balloons, décor and entertainment for the past 39 years. 

An International Special Event Society, (now International Live Event Association) member since 1997, he served on the NY Metro Chapter Board of Directors for seven years, including as President during the Chapter’s first (and only) Chapter of the Year honors.
Some of Mark's National accounts Include..
Petco, 7-Eleven, Five Below, Chase Bank, Bob's Discount Furniture, 
Sav-A-Lot Stores, Aldi Foods

Bill Beatty (Dr. Twistin) USA- Sponsored by Bling Bling Jam Confirmed for 2022 in person

Roger Godin Las Vegas Music/Desk/Staff

Teaching for the first time at the Bling Bling Jam 2023! Balloon Josh is an award winning balloon artist from Houston, TX. He has been twisting balloons for over 31 years, and is best known for his quick, creative line work, his fast balloon dresses, and his viral TikTok videos. 

No refunds  and subject to $50 fee/any Promo free items costed out!/ No transfers to anyone who already has a deposit down. Only transfer to someone who is a new registrant and needs to be approved on a case by case basis! No double transfers and all credits from 2020 must be used by 2022 events! 
Folks may sell their tickets for the price they paid only and not to be used by more than one person! One registration per person.
Only to folks over 18 year of age and please contact The Bling Bling Jam for approval. It's going to be the best Jam ever! 
To Mail in check/write out to
Steve Klein 9 Conestoga Rd Lexington, Ma. 02421

Bill is the author of 27 books on personal success and building financial freedom.  Pre-pandemic, he travelled the world as a speaker.  Today, you can reach him through his website at http://billquain.com

​Olha Matiash Odessa Ukraine

Debut first time teaching in the USA

Sponsored by Bling Bling Jam 2023 


People either think inside of the box or outside of the box. However for Mickey Silver,


Mickey has always understood that to create the impossible he first has to think the impossible. Mickey takes you to a new dimension, where you will be amazed of what is possible with his magical sleight of hand, I.E."THE HANDS OF LAS VEGAS"!

What this man does with his hands will make you seriously question your senses as your experience is not just magic but supernatural! 

Darren Mortiboy Northern Ireland  teaching at Bling Bling virtual July  Sponsored by Bling Bling Jam

John Holmes Texas USA sponsored by Bling Bling Jam  Confirmed for 2023 

In person and some on virtual in Las Vegas

​Blanca Mendoza is a  CBA. She loves  creating quality, unique & spectacular custom designs for all types of events. She has been in the balloon industry for over 20 years. Her company, LA Balloon Events is base in Los Angeles, CA. Her creativity begins from a simple vision to making it a reality using different colors, shapes and sizes to create a wow factor in every event. She is excited to return to the Bling Bling Jam 

1- The Fremont Experience -Directly outside Binions Hotel and  Casino. Home of the Viva Vision (The Largest LED Screen in the World! Light show outside every hour on the hour-starting at 8 Pm- 1 AM. Bands/shows Street performers all happening at different times!

3 Drinking outside is allowed outside, but new law in Vegas. It must be in a paper cup. So, if you purchase drinks make sure you have a cup from the Casino. Or, ask someone the rules. 

4 Get a Players card at each casino. When you do, they give you extras! Like at the Fremont, I believe an extra $1 each time you eat at the buffet. Again, please ask on check in. If you gamble, they give you some great perks.

​4 Souvenirs -The best shops are in Old Down Town. Many of the same Items available on the Strip, but way less. A great place to shop!

​5 The World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. Home of the Reality show "Pawn Stars" Make sure you check it out!

6 Golden Gate Hotel and Casino. The very first Casino in Las Vegas -opened in 1905. They are famous for Shrimp Cocktail. 

7 Container Park the new Hip place 

8 Busking is allowed on Fremont St. Make sure you hear the rules During Patricks Class. You must now have a permit! Make sure u know the rules!

These are just a few cool things to know in Old Down Town Vegas 


Group Discount for 2023 

Sleeping Rooms

4 Queens Four Queens: CV0713A

Binions/Apache CAO713A

​​(800) 634-6045, press 1.

Then State: Bling Bling Jam Balloon Convention.