Paul Belanger USA/China 

Scott Hitchock is the Jack of All Trades! Master of Fun! His enornous creative range encompasses magic, pick pocketing, juggling, balloons and improvisation to name a few. Scott's interest in magic was sparked at the age of seven in upstate New York in 1997. Scott relocated to Las Vegas where his performance and creations have been featured throughout casinos on off the strip. Now residiing in Las Vegas, Scott has been a regular feature at caisnos. Not limiting himself to the United States. Scott has performed for audiences in Europe and Asia on many Occasions. IN 1981, Scott began his passion which combined magic and latex in the form of rubber bands. He has learned how to adapt and mofify many of these tricks and concepts to be done with simple 260's. Scott is excited to be back this year and teach at the Bling Bling Jam 2016!

Eve Santos & Silvia Santos Florida/Brazil

Sponsored by Qualatex Balloons

Addi Somekh is the twister from "The Varieties of the Balloon Hat Experience". Along with his photographer Charlie Eckert, Addi traveled to 34 countries and 20 US states making balloon hats for people and taking photos of them. They have over 12000 photos, many of which you can see at Addi also starred in the TLC balloon reality show, The Unpoppables  His favorite hobbies include playing racquetball and playing the balloon bass, an all latex instrument with a three and a half octave range.

Holly George Texas, USA Guest Spot class

Roger Godin Desk/Music Staff member Las Vegas, Nevada

 Tony Twist began his entertainment experience with a bouncy house company  and transitioned into balloons in 2008. Balloons quickly became his passion.   As a full-time entertainer he has traveled the world bringing smiles through his  balloon work.  Based out of the UK, he has traveled to Dubai, Kuwait, Spain,  Australia, Abu Dhabi and USA working with clients from all walks of life  including some big name celebrities.  Standing tall in life and in the balloon world, his work has been drawing interest  all over the world. He has taught on "Your Party School's "Balloon Webinar's" He toured Australia in 2014 and 2015 filling balloon classes  where he shared original works that he uses every day!  He will be teaching at  2016 Bling Bling Jam (Balloon Convention) in Las Vegas, USA this summer and now he will be sharing his talents  and work at the Balloon Jam Hamburg.  He will be teaching quick, bold and impressive balloons for linework and  sharing a concept that he debuted called embraceables.  Don’t miss this class  if you want to add a HUGE WOW factor to your work and take it to the next level.

Tony Twist UK

Scott Hitchcock Las Vegas, Nevada

Hotel rooms Sunday-Thursday July 23-27, 2017 Rates are as follows

​Carson Tower Sunday July 23-Thursday July 27, 2017 at $59.00 per night and a $15 Dollar resort fee, plus 13% Tax

Rush Tower Sunday July 23-Thursday July 27, 2017 at $79.00 per night and a $15 Dollar Resort Fee, plus 13% Tax

Spa Tower 1 bedroom suite Sunday July 23-Thursday July 27, 2017 $89.00 per night and a $15 Resort Fee, plus 13% tax

Resort fee:

Gives folks access to the fitness center for 2 people daily

Does not include wet areas (A value of $20 per person, per day Plus access to the Pool

In room internet for up to 2 devices per day (Value of $14.99)

Printing your boarding pass at the Front desk or Box Office Only

Free Parking

2 Free Bottled waters per day

Complimentary RJ Newspapaers in the Tower lobbies from 6 Am- 10 Am

Promo Code for the Bling Bling Jam  GLBLING​  Call Hotel at 702-385-7111

Holly, aka, The Twister Sister is an award winning balloon artist internationally recognized for her work providing beginner and advanced twisters with tutorials and training videos online. Holly got started with balloons when she was just a little girl and her Dad brought home a balloon twisting starter kit as a present! She now runs a successful party entertainment business in Texas and finds great joy in making the most amazing balloon creations her clients have ever seen. Holly would describe her balloon twisting style as practically cute, meaning she prefers to make designs that are super cute but also practical enough to be made at a party or busy restaurant.

Nao, is a magician, who learned some basic balloon twisting in 2008 on some free sites for his magic show. He has learned from many people on Facebok and love to share his work and idea's. Nao, says balloons are symbolic memories of child hood dreams, that we all forgot! So balloon artists, make dreams come true with their art! Our Little dreams, of creativity, become big dreams of reality, as we create! Nao says "If you think you can not make a new creation, take your time until you stop and make it a reality! He loves his balloon family and is super excited to meet everyone at the Bling Bling Jam 2016 in Las Vegas!

Nick Rotondo New York, USA

Aaron Hay Ohio, USA

Brian Potvin California, USA

Originally from Cleveland Ohio, Patrick started face painting and balloon twisting at age 16. Acted at Garfield little theater in Cleveland. A member of freemasonry and Scottish Rite. A first tenor. Side show performances and a fire-eater and fire breather. By the time he was 25 he was a full time clown. After 16 tears moved to Las Vegas to pursue an acting job that land him work at Harrah's and Caesars . But still street performing, doing parties and restaurant work as a balloon twister. Working part time at Sin City comedy club. Married to Linda since 1997


A former MMA fighter and theater major, Brian Potvin has taken his creativity and determination to new levels with the help of balloons. As the Ballusionist, Brian now performs on TV, at posh parties, art events and corporate celebrations creating unbelievable works of balloon sculpture.

In 2003, divided by his passions, Brian began working as a clown at parties to help pay the bills. He immediately saw the opportunity that was ignored by his competitors. As a clown, he had the chance to reinvent himself constantly, to create, to work with people and to expand his knowledge of the arts; all while having a blast. In a few years, he found that he could create anything he wanted with balloons. He also found his voice in creating the balloons — making jokes, amping up the party and creating a whirlwind of wonder.

The makeup came off and he started spending hours twisting latex to make the things he loved, like movie and comic characters, as well as anything he could imagine. Since then, he’s had the chance to share his balloon creations on TV shows around the world with hundreds of celebrities including Gwen Stefani, Dean Kane, Sascha Baron Cohen and David Arquett.

Nick the Balloonatic 

Has been twisting balloons since 1968 at the young age of 7 when a 260 was actually a 245. He has twisted and taught all over the world. His balloons have been featured by The New York Islanders, New York Yankees, The show My Fair Wedding, My Super Sweet 16, The Rachel Ray Show, Good Morning Orlando, and many others. He is the Executive Producer of Twisted, the Balloon Documentary. On the radio his work has been talked about by Howard Stern, Brooklyn's own Joe Causi, Boomer & Carton, Bill ' The Wiseman" Wiseman and others. Nick the Balloonatic is an award winning balloon artist and will be teaching  the best marketing class and a great balloon wedding center piece class. So come join Balloonatic for a fun filled class at the Bling Bling Jam!!!!!​

We are so excited for Bling Bling Jam 4! We are excited about our 2017 theme and a possible pre build!  Heard your feedback we had no Jaming last year! Even though we are called a Jam we had and will have tons of classes! (Last year there was no Jam time and the best Value/ ask anyone who attended!)

 Got Questions? Call me


JJ Szabo Tampa Florida Sponsored by Qualatex

Bling Bling Jam 2017

 Cash at the Door only 

day passes cash only!

(Limited day passes each day-based on availability)

(Until sold out)

 at the Door

No Refunds past March 1, 2017

Diane Cross St Louis, MO Guest Spot Class

Paul Belanger – the Balloon Comic – performs a very unusual and exciting show including magic, juggling, physical comedy and crazy balloon antics.

Paul’s shows have taken him to many festivals, fairs, company picnics, corporate events, trade shows, shopping centers, schools, embassies; as well as performing in over 60 White House events for 5 Presidents, including the Presidential Inaugural Parade and several Presidential Inaugural Balls.

Paul Belanger – as an author, educator, artist and producer is respected around the world, with many firsts in the entertainment world to his credits.

Paul was featured in the Washington Post, has worked for Fox Television, The Discovery Channel, NBC, TNT, other national networks and the Walt Disney Company.  People have also seen Paul’s work all throughout Asia on CCTV, many newspapers and local television stations.

Pip Milford Hughs New Zealand

Pippity-Pop is one of New Zealand’s leading and most creative Balloonologists. 
Her passion for twisting grew from small town New Zealand, when at 9 years old Pip saw her first balloon twister at the local A&P Show.  Pip was mesmerised.  She used all of her pocket money (and her lunch money!) to buy all 3 of the sculptures on sale, and a handful of uninflated balloons.  Her basic Poodle design originates from that same one she taught herself from those original balloon sculptures.

Pip has now been twisting professionally for 10 years. 

A current highlight is working with an international film unit, creating a menagerie of balloon animals.  Through the magic of television, the balloon creations look like they are being twisted by a six foot gorilla.  Talk about exciting and entertaining work stories!  ( )  

Pip loves challenging herself to create the most amazing and unique designs for her clients.  If at a party a six year old boy askes for a “worm”, Pip’s personal challenge is to create the most amazing worm he could ever imagine!

Pip has lectured within New Zealand and has travelled to teach in Australia, TheNetherlands, London, Florida, Your Party School's "Balloon Webinars" and Kansas to feature in Balloon Magic – The Magazine.
Pip is so excited to return to America to teach at the Bling Bling Jam to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. 

Jan is excited to have the opportunity to bring a breath of "fresh air” to the Bling Bling Jam with her special no-helium balloon arrangements designed especially for Bling Bling Jam attendees! She respects and admires the art of the twist, but her years of experience as an instructor have primarily focused on decor designs and beautiful, air-filled techniques to increase profits. Now, at Bling Bling Jam 2016, she will premiere air-filled decor components designed for twisters to showcase their sculptures at large events and hustle the kiddies through long lines, plus arrangements to sell as interactive drop-offs and clever add-ons at twisting gigs. They’re brilliant and unique and created by Jan specifically for busy twisters! 

Born and raised in northern Indiana, J.J. Szabo started twisting balloons at the age of 10 at a craft festival in hopes to earn enough money to buy a robot. This medium sparked his imagination and gave him a unique creative outlet. In his early 20's, J.J. joined the Michiana Twisters, a group of local entertainment professionals that discuss business aspects and share ideas. After relocating to Tampa, FL, he spent 10 years at a major theme park performing as a stilt walker, puppeteer, costumed character, dancer, balloon artist and trainer, which is where he met his wife Holly. He obtained a degree in computer animation and worked as an animator for an online gaming company. During this time, he used his artistic education and experience to help develop his balloon twisting skills. As an award winning professional balloon artist J.J. has been a featured performer throughout the country at festivals, private parties, parades and grand openings. Today J.J. has made a career with his balloon art performing at nightclubs, special events and conventions. He has created large scale builds, balloon dresses for fashion shows and fun costumes with other balloon industry professionals. J.J.'s style of balloon art is constantly evolving as he experiments with new and different balloons and techniques. He can create any new request on the spot and hundreds of different sculptures, often of his own design. When creating a new design he believes in maximum amount of detail with minimal labor. The most brilliant designs are usually the simplest.

Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, David Lima twisted his first balloon at age 22 during a class given by a recreation company. After graduating as a PE teacher, he later worked for that company coordinating activities for kids at a resort in Sao Paulo, using balloons for rainy day activities with hotel guests.

After moving to the US, he held a variety of jobs in California. Although he always had balloons in his closet, he wasn’t actively working with them.

In 2011, after moving to New York with his wife, Alisyn, he saw a large balloon sculpture by Larry Moss online and decided to start twisting again. Not long after, he opened his balloon twisting company, Bambaballoon, and decided all he wanted to do was work with balloons.

In his quest to perfect the art, he began creating new styles and participating in large group builds like Balloon Manor as well as conventions and competitions, once winning third place in Small Artistic Sculpture. He also developed the “Lima Twist,” which combines a tulip twist, hook twist and marriage twist. David has taught his unique techniques for a Your Party School webinar and now he’ll be teaching them on behalf of Betallatex at the Bling Bling Jam.

 I have been a registered nurse in a busy OB department for over 27 years. Our hospital was celebrating their 50th anniversary in August of 2008.  The hospital was looking for someone to face paint, perform magic or make balloon animals.  I saw a balloon artist make someone into a lion at Six Flags a few years before and I was fascinated, so I checked out the web and discovered Dean Myers and Michael Floyd and the rest is history . Within 6 months, I realized they had balloon conventions. I went to my first one in Cerritos California in February of 2009 I was immediately hooked as soon as I entered the venue I found my new balloon family, since then I have been to most conventions in the USA . A total of 26 in 8 years . I am always happy to share my experience and ideas as others have shared with me. I won the Top Dog award at the Bling Bling Jam 2015 and I am honored to be teaching this year at the Bling Bling Jam 2016!

Patrick Morris Las Vegas, Nevada

​Simply put, Aaron "Doc" Hay loved the art of balloon Sculpture. This strange passion all started in the early 1990's when he picked up clowning as a weekend hobby that quickly turned into an unexpected steady incline within a couple of years. As Doc's interests grew, he studied different aspects of clowning and found he was drawn to balloons. The basic animals he first learned were not enough for him so he started making up with own creations. He shared his unique creations with many and taught whomever was interested in learning. 

Participating in jams, conventions and large scale balloon projects, Doc found a passion and skill for creating and building giant sculpted balloons. In 2008 his first official large balloon creation for pay was created of the West Virginia State Capital Building at the Annual Festival in Charleston West Va.

Doc has has created large balloon installments throughout the Usa, Canada, China, Cruse ships and more. 

The large list of accomplishments under his belt doesn't stop Doc from appearing at regular restaurants and performing at local events, festivals and parties. Often he gets asked why he still works small parties etc: and his reply is : "It doesn't matter what skill level you are at.. You gotta just always be out there doing it to stay fresh. Work is practice and practice is play when you have a passion for what you do. 

Here is a re-cap from the Bling Bling Jam 2016

Natalie Mrs Ballooniverse London, UK

Shuttles to and from Airport to the The Golden Nugget are around $9.50 each way or some are $17.50 Round Trip. Here is a list of a few to call

Bell Trans 702-739-7990

Coach USA 702-644-2233

Show Time 702-895-9976

Teachers subject to change

2017 teachers coming soon!

Natalie  Miss. Ballooniverse U.K.

Miss Ballooniverse - Natalie - London

"I twisted my first balloon in 2008 - and found what I'd been looking for! And my passion for balloons just keeps on growing. I can't believe all the amazing opportunities that balloons have brought into my life, and I never stop being thankful. We have the ability to bring joy with what we do. One of the greatest things for me is being part of the international community of twisters.  Looking forward to seeing you all at the Bling Bling Jam."

Natalie trained in theatre in London. 
 As a professional actress Natalie  has a huge amount of experience in improvised comedy, and was three times invited to represent the cream of British comedy talent at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal. Natalie played Mimi in Howard & Mimi, a comedy 2-hander at the Edinburgh Festival and Soho Theatre, London, which was awarded Best Play 2009 in the Fringe Report Awards. On TV, Natalie played George Orwell's wife,  Eileen O'Shaughnessy in the BAFTA nominated, Against The Tide. In 2012 Natalie starred in a TV pilot of her balloon show "The Amazing Adventures Of Miss Ballooniverse" directed by BAFTA award winner, Allan Johnston.

The magnificent Miss Ballooniverse brought the house down. Book her - she's mighty. Tatler, April edition 2013.


 ​Instructors/Classes- Subject to change! Twisting classes, Balloon Decoration Classes, Magic and maybe some Face Painting and more! C.B.A. ON Sunday from 8 Am-12 Noon, Only for folks who are fully registered. You must register before hand.

Addi Somekh California 

David Lima New Jersey/Brazil Sponsored by Betallic

Nao Osaka Japan

Eve Antonello-CBA, graduated in Business Administration in Brazil, initiated the balloons designer career in 1998 with the Company Eve Baloes (Brazil), in 2002 started to teaching classes in Brazil. Now, she’s considered a pioneer in courses featuring balloon art in the Brazilian community, and she’s becoming well known and respected in the community.  Participant of big Seminaries in Brazil, USA and Europe seeking always better techniques as well as have more knowledge about the fascinating universe of the balloons.

Silvia Santos-CBA began balloon design in 2003 in Philadelphia with the company So Festas. In 2008 Eve and Silvia, they united their knowledge and started Party Planet, Brazilian store of party supplies, where they have received a big recognition of the Brazilian Community, Hispanic  and American in south Florida.  In 2011 they received the Brazilian Executive Award.  Their balloon decorations  have become a reference in the deco-twisting area and in 2010 one of their decor had the honor to be included in the Qualatex calendar; currently some photos of your decorations are part of magazines Images as well as the catalog of Qualatex USA and Europe; in 2011 participate of The Qualatex Event  in London as  part of the Brazilian team  where  proudly received the 2nd  place in large sculpture. At the 2012 World Balloon Convention, Eve achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold Achievement for her competition entries. With 15 years of experiences as an instructor between Eve and Silvia, this duo offers dynamic classes that captivate the attention of the students, showing valuable hints about this wonderful art.  The classes can be administered in Portuguese (native language) English and Spanish.

Jan Ilams Betallic Balloons

No refunds past March 1, 2017 and subject to $25 fee/any Promo free items costed out!
Folks may sell their tickets for the price they paid only and not to be used by more than one person! One registration per person.
Only to folks over 18 year of age and please contact The Bling Bling Jam for approval. It's going to be the best Jam ever! 
To Mail in check/write out to
Steve Klein 9 Conestoga Rd Lexington, Ma. 02421

Folks, who are not local must stay at the Golden Nugget during the Convention, this keeps the cost down for registration. Otherwise attendees subject to an additional fee Of $100.00

The Bling Bling Jam July 24-27. 2017

The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino Old Downtown Las Vegas

Group Discount and Code: GLBLING


1- The Fremont Experience -Directly outside the D Hotel and Casino. Home of the Viva Vision (The Largest LED Screen in the World! Light show outside every hour on the hour-starting at 8 Pm- 1 AM. Bands/shows Street performers all happening at different times!

3 Drinking outside is allowed outside, but new law in Vegas. It must be in a paper cup. So, if you purchase drinks make sure you have a cup from the Casino. Or, ask someone the rules. 

4 Get a Players card at each casino. When you do, they give you extras! Like at the Fremont, I believe an extra $1 each time you eat at the buffet. Again, please ask on check in. If you gamble, they give you some great perks.

​4 Souvenirs -The best shops are in Old Down Town. Many of the same Items available on the Strip, but way less. A great place to shop!

​5 The World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. Home of the Reality show "Pawn Stars" Make sure you check it out!

6 Golden Gate Hotel and Casino. The very first Casino in Las Vegas -opened in 1905. They are famous for Shrimp Cocktail. 

7 Container Park the new Hip place 

8 Busking is allowed on Fremont St. Make sure you hear the rules During Patricks Class. You must now have a permit! Make sure u know the rules!

These are just a few cool things to know in Old Down Town Vegas 

List of some fun things to do and Know about on Fremont St