JJ Szabo class/jam 1 Comic Creations: Smart easy designs of aliens, laser blasters and spaceships.

JJ Szabo Class Jam 2 Party Monsters: Unique fun and easy creations of monster hats with style!

JJ Szabo Class Jam 3 Total Gamer: Popular video game characters made easy.

Thursday Schedule Subject to change

9-10:30 AM Blanca Center Pieces

9-10:30 AM Steve Educational Shows

9-10:30 AM Aaron Jam room Class

10:30-10:45 AM Break

10:45 AM-12:15 PM Debbie Bracelets

10:45 AM-12:15 PM Patrick Face Painting Jam room

12:15 PM-1:30 PM Lunch

1:30-3 PM Debbie Trade shows/Fairs

3-3:15 PM Break

3:15-4:45 Dennis Line work

4:45-5 PM Break

5-6:30 PM Fabrizio how to create a balloon show

6:30-8 PM Dinner

8 PM Jam room closed

8 PM Fabrizio Balloon show



You Tube winner

Top Dog 2017 winner! 

Help cleaning up before midnight than let's hit Fremont St

 Cute and colorful bracelets  you can use for any events !
Hat and crazy stuff for Fun with balloons !

(This is included in (Viva las-vegas & Amazing Bracelet party )
" PEOPLE " 11" head for figures very nice.
Build a lot of different figures with head's 11" and raisin twist techniques Clowns, cartoon figures, Charlie Chaplin, princesses and more.
+ Lovely String Puppets twisted with balloons !

Hair Band Competition

1 Must be registered for the whole event

2 Must be made by you only

3 90 Minutes timed in the jam room with the theme

4 May be air or not - you may add bling

5 You may not ask folks to vote for yours

6 Peoples choice and Judged

7 Top dog must enter in this to qualify 

8 It must be made for the theme 

Brian Potvin Class 2- 'A Whole New Wold"

Learn the characters, and fly Brian' s magic carpet with Jasmine, the Genie and magic lamp as you inflate them, than the Jam challenge in the class will begin! This class will be truely magical! Do not miss this one!

Class 2

A delightful combination of balloon genres and styles!
Join Jan Iiams for this special decor class designed with a fun twist specifically for Bling Bling Jam artists! You’ll learn how to upsell twister jobs with attention-getting, easy-to-recreate décor components to match many different occasions. Best of all, Jan’s balloon designs are air-filled for added profit, and are perfect for you to enhance with your own creative twister techniques and sculptures. You won’t want to miss Jan’s tips and tricks to help you expand your repertoire and make more money!

Nao Osaka Japan Classes coming soon

Sunday Pre Class 1

Hands-on Stage Décor Build
with Jan Iliams, CBA, from Betallic
Join Jan on Sunday, July 23, for this bonus class to create a stunning, set-the-stage decor project for Bling Bling Jam 2017. You’ll learn how to create an exciting LINK-O-LOON wall backdrop structure and how to add beautiful bling to it with Betallatex, LINK-O-LOON and Megaloon balloons for the event stage presentations. So, GET READY to learn … GET SET to experience décor hands-on ... and GO sell this delightful decor concept to your customers!

Entertain with balloons using the theme "A Whole New World"  What does that mean to you? It could be from the song, the movie or just the statement. All needs to be G rated and no more than 10 minutes long. You may sing, act, have others involved. Just be creative. You must use balloons in your skit! There will be 1st 2nd and third winners for both people's choice and judged. If you would like to compete for the title of TOP DOG 2017 and win the $1,200.00 valued registration to the Balloon Training Institute- You must enter this competition - if you think you have what it takes to be the best well rounded balloon artist! Remember, everyone who enters is a winner at Bling! 

You must be registered for the whole event and do not ask anyone to vote for you!

Class 2
Ds Jaw-Dropperz
Sponsored by Betallic
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Balloon puppets are a fun way to bring your balloons to life, but they’re often challenging to make and require special, expensive equipment. In this class, you’ll learn how to create and animate Des' signature balloon faces with his own method of jaw movement using Betallatex balloons. Once you’ve mastered his technique, you’ll be able to create custom puppets for your balloon gigs at a low cost that even allows you to give the puppet away at the end of each show. Perfect for Vetrili-Twisters and anyone who wants to add a unique element to their twisting repertoire!

Bling Bling Jam Balloon Couture & Costume-Both different Contests!  Rules Below!

1 You must be registered for the whole event

2 Your balloon Must be mostly air filled

3 You must make it by yourself

4 It must be a dress  (Does not have to have the theme) Just all G rated and we have the right to leave it out if not acceptable.

5 Add bling if you choose! 

6 You may make it during the jam

7 Be ready with your model for Wednesday July 26, 2017 by 5 PM, As we will start no later than 5:30 PM. 

8 You must not ask folks for votes

9 Winner we be revealed around 11 PM on Thursday night July 27, 2017

10 Judged and people's choice First, second and third. Stay Tuned for a twist on the judging for both dress and costumes

11. If you make a small and medium Blinged out balloon You must enter into the fashion show or the costume combo show.

12. Even if you make a large build for top dog, you may enter and you can earn more points towards top dog

13. Voting all done as a jury from folks from the art industry/fashion and balloons.

Bling Bling Best of Vegas Blinged out balloon rules

1 You must be registered for the whole convention

2 Your Balloon needs to be on the voting table my 5 PM

3 You must not tell everyone to vote for you

4 Your Balloon must have some Bling on it (google eyes, feathers, stars, glitter, gems etc

5 One person will win the title of Best of Las Vegas Balloon Bling (Announced on Thursday Night) You must make the balloon yourself

6 Must be made with the theme 'A Whole New World" What that means to you? The song, the movie or other! 

7 Let's have fun 

8 You may make it during classes in the jam room

9 First, Second and Third, people's choice and judged. 

10 Small and Medium or Large  First second and third judged and people's choice all small medium and large in one vote/Not individual.

11. You must enter in this for the TOP DOG Award. 

12. If it is a small and medium and competing for top dog, you must also enter in the Balloon Couture fashion show or Costume on Wednesday night

13. If you choose to create a large build and are going for the Top Dog award you do not have to enter into the fashion show/Costume/ however you still can/ Large build must be Min 4x4x5 and max 8x10x10 -You may have help building it, but one person will be the person who wins this competition or Top Dog. Everyone, must tell us at registration that they would like to enter.

14. In order to qualify for top dog it must be made with the theme/Others may enter and may place but will be dis-qualified for top dog if it is not in the theme. 

Class 1 Bracelets-Adults love them too!!!

These bracelets are targeted specifically for adult events.. Parties, Corporate Functions Etc. They are so cute and adorable that everyone wants one, along with the important quality of being out if the way and yet always showing. Due to their comfortable size they are perfect for any well- dressed event.

If you are working lots of venues at corporate events, or have as adult majority to impress, than these adorable bracelets will fit any occasion.

Monday Schedule: Subject to change/ 24 hour jam room starts on Monday

8:30 AM Registration Desk Open

9-10:30 AM "Twister + Stacker = Twacker" Jan

9-10:30 AM  Steve Marketing for everyone

9-10:30 AM Aaron/Patrick Jam room classes Multiple creations

10:30-10:45 AM Break

10:45 AM-12:15 PM Fabrizio "Viva Las Vegas"

12:15 PM-1:30 PM Lunch Break 

1:30 PM-3 PM Debbie Dresses Part 1

1:30 PM-3 PM Brian Swimming with the Sharks

3-3:15PM Break

3:15-4:45 PM Debbie Dresses Part 2

3:15-4:45 PM Brian 'A Whole New World"

4:45 PM-6 PM Dinner

6-7:30 Balloon Show competition/Voting

7:30-9 PM Blake "Short Cut to Better Health"

9-10:30 PM Dennis "Fabulous Faces"

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-11:45 PM Justin Transformers

11:45 PM-12 AM Break

12 AM JJ Jam with Jason /Class Comic Creations

Tuesday Schedule Subject to change

9 -10:30 AM Blanca Center Pieces 

9-10:30 AM Steve Puppetry

9-10:30 AM Aaron/Patrick Jam room classes

10:30-10:45 AM Break

10:45-12:15 Marvin Hardy Story/Jam

12:15 PM-130 PM Lunch

1:30 PM-3 PM Fabrizio  Amazing Bracelet Party and more

3-3:15 PM Break

3:15-4:45 PM Dennis Jaw Dropperz

4:45-6PM Dinner/5 PM Blinged out entries 

6-7:30 PM Blinged out voting contest

7:30-9 PM Fast start Wakaya

9:15-10:30 PM Hair Band timed Competition/Voting

10:45-11:45 PM Nao

11:45 PM-12 AM Break

12 AM JJ Party Monsters in Jam room

FABRIZIO WILL USE CLICK_CLICK STUFF and will Rock you with a lot of cool tips that Balloon Twister can do with balloons and magic in any show or entertainments " it's New and present for the first time with the best Golden Nuggets of balloon tips for 2017!

" VIVA LAS VEGAS " with the best Balloons Figures of Fabrizo !
A lot of Fabulous figures, hats and more things included cool tips for entertainments or balloon show with Clic-Clic and balloon bond ...

Blanca Mendoza CBA Class 1

Customizing Arches and Columns

Basic to advance class. In this class you will learn a few deco-twisting designs to help you in have the knowledge of what to offer in the current balloon decor market. Blanca will be teaching with rounds and 260s on what will make your profitable. Tips like what frames are best for indoors vs outdoors to create long lasting decorations. The best thing about this is all air filled deco. This is the perfect class to over come your round balloon fears! 

Brian Potvin Class 3 Mario Brothers!

A hat and wearables- Variations of Goomba, Ba-Bumb, Yoshi etc. This will give you the edge on what to create them asked for Mario Brothers

2017 Classes

Sponsored by Qualatex

FABRIZIO will give to you his best Golden Nugget for to be an entertainer for a large audience ...
Yes it's a Golden Nugget in your pocket ... What a best tricks for the rest of your life ... You will have all the best tips for to do entertainments in restaurants, birthday party, stage show for any events with easy magic and balloons ... Entertainment for every one and for all the seasons of the year .
then you will have to add hot sauce as you like ! In this workshop Fabrizio will give to you all what he use from when he started enterments for kids and adulpts to now ... That mean easy way to easy life with Fun !

You will learn how to prepar a special party, how to do easy magic with Fun and use balloons in a show ...

Dont miss one of those workshops because Fabrizio dont miss to give a lot of professional tips and ideas that he use from over 20 years !


Class #1  Transformers - Justin Perez
Transform your linework and birthday parties with two new transformers.  Join Justin Perez as he teaches how to make an army tank and a helicopter.  Both designs transform into robots.

Class # 2  Balloon Bots - Justin Perez
Learn how to make a balloon bot that can be adapted to different designs.  Discover fun games to play with your balloon bots.  One design will be taught in class but samples of other ideas will also be shared.

Wednesday Schedule Subject to change

9-10:30 AM Fabrizio Happy Balloon Party

9-10:30 AM Aaron Jam room class

9-10:30 AM Patrick Face Painting Jam room

9-AM Blanca Jam room decor Balloon shoe build

10:30-10:45 AM Break

10:45 AM-12:15 PM Dennis Bold Distortions/Steve More Valuable 

12:15 PM-130 PM Lunch

1:30-3 PM Nao

3-3:15 PM Break

3:30 PM Dry run walk down run way all competitors Main room

5:30-7 PM Balloon Couture Fashion show/Costumes/Voting

7-8:30 PM Dinner

8:30-10 PM Justin Balloon Bots

8:30-10 PM Blake Intro to deflating our balloon animal bodies/Keto

10-10:15 PM Break

10:15-11:45 PM Brian Mario Brothers

11:45 PM-12 AM Break

12 AM JJ Gamer class in the jam room

Blanca Mendoza CBA Class 2

Centerpieces basic to advance

This class will give you sellable creations that are fun, eye catching and highly profitable! The designs range for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings and more! Blanca will show you how to customize and add visual impact with bubble micro foils and latex balloon. You will wow your clients and smile to the bank! Do not miss this class! 

Steve Taylor Class 1 Making Your Business Go Ballistic with Canoodle Marketing!
Using the principles of “romance” to make any client-based business (like ballooning) go from tepid to terrific. Learn the “tried and true techniques” of how professional magician-ventriloquist Steve Taylor has booked himself to a full-time living as a variety arts performer for the past 30 years.
Steve Taylor class  2 Variety Sells! The Benefits and Techniques of Adding Puppetry and Ventriloquism to your Shows
Inflate your value and wipe the carpet with your competition. By simply and easily adding a few puppets to your show, Steve Taylor will demonstrate how much more you can be in demand as a resource for fun and frivolity. You’ll even learn how to “play with dolls & talk to yourself!”
Steve Taylor 3 Becoming More Valuable: Adding Educational Magic to your Shows
Kids love magic! A “follow up” to his workshop on marketing to schools and libraries, professional educational entertainer Steve Taylor demonstrates actual magical effects he uses and how he added the educational message they carry. Magic is a great tool for teaching, and Steve will show you how to simply and easily add just one or two magic effects into your show to broaden your reach and boost your riches.
Steve Taylor class 4 Broaden Your Horizons: Making Your Shows Educational for Schools and Libraries!
Schools and libraries are a “ripe for the picking” market, but you have to do more than just entertain. Educational entertainer Steve Taylor will show you the step by step process he uses to create his fun and educational programs. Currently Steve offers over 16 original educationally based shows to schools and libraries and has done as many as 525 performances in one school year. Learn how to add these markets to your repertoire at this fun, and “educational,” presentation.

Blanca Mendoza CBA class 3

Hands on High heal shoe build, come meet her in the jam room and learn to build this shoe!

 Workshop that every one will love to learn!-Special for Birthday Parties and more! Easy to do and Fun discover  Once you learn the  secret at the 2017 Bling Bling Jam !

For the first time and for BILING BLING JAM, Fabrizio will show how to twist an Amazing Pinata for Birthday Party and for any event!!!! One technique for a thousand  pinatas ! Add more $$$$ with this Fantastic Balloon Pinata !  Do not miss this class!!

Bling Bling Jam 2017 Friday July 28, 2017 (Subject to change)

Private classes with anyone who is fully registered for the Bling Bling Jam (Folks are responsible for finding a spot and will be allowed to post at the convention and more

2017 Classes All Posted under balloon lists, scroll down and (Subject to change)

 2017 Classes

Aaron Doc Hay Class 1

All about how to create a large build installation.

Jam room classes

Concepts on how to twist the same creation in multiple ways. Building the same thing larger and in different ways while making the same thing! Take your balloons from recipes to creative balloon artistry! Multiple jam room classes! 

Top Dog Challenge

1 Enter in all competitions except Dirty Balloons and If you create a large build, you have a choice not to enter into dress/Costume. However, if you do - you have more chances to win 

2 You must be full registered to win

3 You must not ask people to vote for you

4 You will win the $1,200 registration to the Balloon Training Institute and a free registration to the Bling Bling Jam 2018. You may not transfer it and - if you win any other competition- Including the You Tube one. You may only win one registration to Bling Bling Jam 2018. 

5 You may have a chance to have a teaching spot at the 2018 Bling Bling Jam/ depending on what you can teach

Fabrizio 2017 Bling Bling Jam Classes

Sponsored by Clik Clik

Class 4

Quick & Easy Betallatex Line Work Designs
Sponsored by Betallic
Level: Beginner

Want to add a variety of new designs to your line work repertoire? (o) will teach you quick, cute and easy designs using Betallic's NEW line of printed 5" Round and 6" LINK-O-LOON designs. Don’t miss this back-to-basics class with a new, printed twist!


Dont mis the Fantastic and really crazy Golden Nugget-balloon game that Fabrizio will do with all the Audience 20 minutes of Fun and it's only at The 2017 Bling Bling Jam !

Class 3
Bold Distortions with Big Bear Heads
Sponsored by Betallic
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Explore the possibilities of Betallatex Big Bear Heads with D's as he shows you how to use these unique balloons in an exciting, new way. There’s no need to be afraid of using Big Bear Heads. Ds will show you tips and tricks to make this special shape work in your favor to create a variety of fun figures.

Entertaining with Balloons Competition Monday Night July 24, 2017 6:30 PM

Schedule for Sunday July 23, 2017

12 Noon Set up

2 PM Teacher/Vendor Meeting

2:45 Registration DesK Open/Back drop build with Jan Learn Decor

3-6 PM Inferno Jam $35 to attend/If you are already registered for all 4 days, this extra day if free. Jam room product, vendors and intro to event.  Folks who attend and have not registered for the full convention -Pay the $35 -May apply that towards their registration if they decide to attend after the Inferno Jam.

3:30-4 PM Fun balloon goodie bag jam room contest- Sponsored by All American Balloons

4-5 PM Dirty Balloon class  JJ Szabo, Brian Potvin, Patrick in a private room

4-5 PM Aaron Doc Hay, How to create a large build tips and tricks.

5 PM meet your teachers- Hear about classes during the convention/Vendors and Bling Bling Jam Specials at the Convention

6 PM Jam room locked up and closed, Ride to our destination till 7 PM, Folks may walk back or UBER for like $4 and well worth it!

24 Jam starts on Monday July 24th and goes till Thursday Night around 7 PM.

6:15 Rebar Arts District , 1 FREE draft beer per person, Dirty Balloon competition, where the public will be voting! First prize $50 Gift Card, Second $25 Gift Card, Third T shirt! The person hosting the event will be at the Inferno Jam to give everyone the details! 

Dirty Balloon must be in a bag covered up, This is just a fun competition. Is has nothing to do with the TOP DOG. Folks must be fully registered for all 5 days to compete. 

Class 1
Fabulous Faces Featuring Betallatex Special Shapes 
Sponsored by Betallic
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Take on two awesome topics as (0) teaches you how to create fabulous faces using Betallatex specialty shapes, including LINK-O-LOON, Hearts and even Big Bear Heads. You’ll learn Dennis’ methods to create details and bring out the features of a cool balloon face. Take this class, then put your collection of specialty balloons to work to create fabulous faces that will amaze every time!

Class 2 Trade Shows, Festivals & Fairs

​Sponsored by Qualatex

Trade shows, Festivals & Fairs... Large events with huge exposure..

Learn amazing balloon creations and a unique idea that will open up a new opportunity of entertaining at Trade Shows, Festivals & Fairs.

You will learn marketing ideas and tools to get the attention for these type of events, Step out of line Twisting and into performing!!!

Do not let the word Performing- SCARE YOU!... No Practice Necessary, all you have to do is have fun!!!

Jan lliams Decoration Class 2017

It's realy intresting because after the workshop you can perform anywhere with balloons, magic and clown's gags ! And it's easy and original, perfect for birthday party or any events ! In this workshop you will have one hour magic and balloon show in your pocket and just do it indoor or at busking festivals for kid and family audience ! It's realy a sherry on the cake and only at Bling Bling Jam !!

 Class 3 Balloon Dress Designing Part 1 & 2

Sponsored by Qualatex

Step by step how to make an inflated balloon dress, while giving you all the tips, techniques that will save you time and energy! Each dress that will be made, is unique! learn how to inspire yourself to create new and fresh balloon couture! This Balloon Couture are for far more than just fashion show events! All the ideas will be shared where to market your couture and impress your clients to land the events that you deserve! 

Part 2 Is hands on Balloon Couture in small groups! Learn to design and make your own Balloon Couture! This is an opportunity to experience the Do's & Don'ts. (0) will roam the class assisting with any issues and Golden Nuggets to make your Balloon Couture making come to life!

Part 1 & 2 are taken together! All the basics and info will be taught in Part 1 class.. So you do not want to miss any part! 

Brian Potvin Class 1- Swimming with the Sharks

Learn Large and quick and impressive all from the Golden Nugget Shark Tank...

A Great White Shark, Hammer Head Variation, Dolphin Variation and more!