Schedule Monday July 23, 2018

9 AM Set up Decor Builds with Blanca & Jan (Like a hands on class)

10:30 AM Teacher/Vendor Meeting

11:30 AM Registration Desk Open

1-2 PM Pre Class with Diana-Butterfly

2-3 PM Opening Ceremony "Party All The Time" Theme for 2018/Meet your Teachers/Vendors

3-4 PM P.E.B.A. Presentation Chrystal/Ray Stewart

4-5 PM Diva Balloon Show Class

5-6:30 Gergo- Cute Little Characters 

6:30-7:30 Dinner    (Time may change) Jam room Closed for the night on this Day/Registration Desk Closed

7:30-9 PM Magic Pill  (Time may change) 

9:30 -11 PM Entertaining with Balloons and Theme "Party All The Time" Mystery Location-Voting

Hair Band Competition Wednesday Night

1 Must be registered for the whole event 1st, 2nd and 3rd judged and 1 People's Choice!

2 Must be made by you only

3 30 Minutes timed in the jam room with the theme "Party All The Time" (All balloons)

4 May be air or not - you may add bling (Sponsored by All American Balloons)

5 You may not ask folks to vote for yours

6 Peoples choice and Judged

7 Top dog must enter in this to qualify 

Top Dog Challenge

1 Enter in all competitions except Dirty Balloons.  To Become the Top Dog you must enter into The Hair Band and Talent show. Plus if you choose to do a large build you must do a small and medium, but than you do not have to make a dress or costume. If you make a dress or costume you must make a small and Medium in the Blinged out Competition. You may enter in all and more than once! if you do - you have more chances to win top dog title and the $1,500 dollars and or up to $5,500. Yes 1099 issued and check/Paypal (Fee's may apply)

2 You must be full registered to win (Meaning for the whole convention and paid) Not a one day pass.

3 You must not ask people to vote for you

4 You will win the $1,500 and a free registration to the Bling Bling Jam 2019. You may not transfer it and - if you win any other competition- 

5 You may have a chance to have a teaching spot at the 2019 Bling Bling Jam/ depending on what you can teach.

2019 Classes All Posted under balloon lists, scroll down and (Subject to change)

Sunday Night July 22, 2018 7 PM Dirty Balloon Competition Mystery Trip. Just for fun!

Entertain with balloons using the theme "Party All The Time"  What does that mean to you? It could be from the song, the movie or just the statement. It does not have to be G rated ( we are at a bar this year) and no more than 10 minutes long. You may sing, act, have others involved. Just be creative. You must use balloons in your skit! There will be 1st 2nd and third winners judged- and one people's choice. If you would like to compete for the title of TOP DOG 2018 and win the $1,500 in cash prize sponsored by Zappo's. You must enter this competition - if you think you have what it takes to be the best well rounded balloon artist! Remember, everyone who enters is a winner at Bling! 

You must be registered for the whole event and do not ask anyone to vote for you! This will be held at a mystery location on Monday night 9 PM-11 PM

Bling Bling Jam Thursday July 26, 2018 (Subject to change)

Private classes on Friday with anyone who is fully registered for the Bling Bling Jam (Folks are responsible for finding a spot and will be allowed to post at the convention and more

​Friday Schedule July 27, 2018

​9-10 AM Jan Clever Classic Decor/Patrick Into to balloon twisting Jam room/JJ Szabo Flash Classes in Jam Room

​10-11 AM Diva Justice League Costumes

​11-12 Noon Ed Sports/Jam room closes

More Raffles/Clean u​p/Surprise! 

​Private classes-Everyone Must find their own location/clean up if needed!

Bling Bling Jam Balloon Couture & Costume-Both different Contests!  Rules Below!

1 You must be registered for the whole event

2 Your balloon Must be mostly air filled

3 You may make it with a team. One person wins!

4 It must be a dress  (Does not have to have the theme) Just all G rated and we have the right to leave it out if not acceptable.

5 Add bling if you choose! 

6 You may make it during the jam

7 Be ready with your model for Thursday at Zappos by 2 PM , As we will start no later than 5:30 PM. (Balloon truck to arrive around 2 PM sponsored by Zappo's- you will load your balloons and meet them at Zappo's It is your responsibility to get to and from Zappos/your Models. No video allowed at Zappos, unless your from Zappos or The Bling Bling Jam Staff only! (If your balloons are placed in the truck and pop The Bling Bling Jam/Zappo's is not responsible) 

8 You must not ask folks for votes for you!

9 Winner we be revealed around 9 PM on Thursday night July 27, 2018 back at The Golden Nugget.

10 Judged First, second and third and one People' choice on Dress and one on Costume.

11. Even if you make a large build for top dog, you may enter and you can earn more points towards top dog

12. Voting all done as a jury from folks from the art industry/fashion and balloons.

Bling Bling Best of Vegas Blinged out balloon rules

1 You must be registered for the whole convention (Meaning not a day pass/must pay for the whole 5 days to win)

2 Your Balloon needs to be on the voting table by 6 PM on Tuesday July 24, 2018

3 You must not tell everyone to vote for you

4 Your Balloon must have some Bling on it (google eyes, feathers, stars, glitter, stickers, gems etc/or things that represent bling bling! Money, our logo , rap etc.

5 One person will win the title of Best of Las Vegas Balloon Bling (Announced on Thursday Night) (First, second, third. People's choice in each) Large first place only $1,0000 voted by judges sponsored by Zappo's

6 Must be made with the theme 'Party All The Time" What that means to you? The song, the movie or other! (Any balloons are for the theme/as they are balloons-we use them at all parties)

7 Let's have fun 

8 You may make it during classes in the jam room

9 First, Second and Third judge-people's choice.

1​0 Top Dog Challenge:

You must enter into all of the following Mandatory Competitions:
Hairband Competition
Talent Show
Small Competition
Medium Competition

As well as:

ONE of the Following competitions:
Dress Competition
Costume Competition
Large Competition

You may enter into all or more than once.  If you doŠ. You have more
chances to win Top Dog!!

13. If you choose to create a large build and are going for the Top Dog award you do not have to enter into the fashion show/Costume/ however you still can/ Large build must be Min 4x4x5 and max 10x10x10 /Medium 36 x 36 x 36 inches, Small 12 x 12 x 12 inches.-You may have help building it, but one person will be the person who wins this competition or Top Dog. Everyone, must tell us at registration that they would like to enter.

14. In order to qualify for top dog it must be made with the theme (All balloons)/Others may enter and may place but will be dis-qualified for top dog if it is not in the theme. 

Thursday Schedule July 26, 2018 

​9-10:30 AM Blanca Splash Mermaids/Pat Beggining Twisting/Face painting/JJ Szabo Flash Class in Jam room

10:30-12 Noon Gergo Wearables

12-1 Lunch/You may start over to Zappo's/Truck

1-2 Cody Super Schtick

2 PM Jam room closed/Zappo's 

2:15 Zappo's Truck to Pick up Balloons for Competitions (Balloons only not people due to Liability) No video/Pics unless part of Crew of Bling! (We are not responsible for balloons breaking during transportation etc. It's your responsibility to get there. As you can not travel with your dress due to liability with the Van.

Everyone's on their own to walk or take an Uber

3:30 Dry Run Walk Zappo's 

5:30 Balloon Couture/Costume show and contest

Dinner than Back to Nugget

9 PM Awards/Cash Prizes/Raffles Golden Nugget

Jam room opened and closed at 11 PM

Wednesday Schedule July 25, 2018

9-10:30 AM Jan-Brilliant Balloon Decor/Pat Begging twisting jam room/JJ Szabo Flash Class Jam room

10:30-11:45 AM Noon Gergo Jaw Columns

11:45 AM-1 PM Lunch

1-2 PM Cody Greatest Hits 2

2-3 PM Brian Construction 2

3-4 PM Ed Line work

4-5 PM Cody Holiday

5:15-5:30 PM Break

5:30-6:30 PM Nao Pluto

6:30-8 PM Dinner

8-9:30 Wakaya Party

9:30 PM Hair Band Competition Timed 30 Minutes

11 PM Jam room closed

​​​Schedule Tuesday July 24, 2018

​8:45 Announcements/Reg Desk Open/Jam room Open

​9-10:30 AM Blanca Strike a Pose Balloon Decor/Patrick Jam room Intro to balloon twisting/JJ Szabo Flash Class Intermediate/Advance twisting in Jam room

​10:30-11:45 AM Gergo- Magic Props

11:45-1:00 PM Lunch

​1-2 PM Ed Party Animal

2-3 PM Nao Rabbit/Cat Mask

​3-4 Cody Greatest Hits 1

​4-5 Brian Construction

​5:15-5:30 Break

​5:30-6:30 Ed Line work 1

​6:30-8 PM Dinner/Entries For Blinged out -Due at 6:00 PM-7:30 PM

8-9:30 PM Blinged out Voting 

​9:30-11 Jam with Ed Qualatex

​11 PM Jam room closed